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Workshop followup

This page is for those who have registered for a presentation and would like access to more information after the presentation has been given.

Handouts are informative charts, posters or articles that may be downloaded. 


Birds and Blooms - Handouts 


Wildflower All-Stars for Sun or Shade - Handouts 

Wildflower All-Stars for Sun & Shade

Wildflower All-Stars for Sun

Widflower All-Stars for Shade

Native Sedgescaping

* Correction - During the webinar I mentioned Northwinds Perennial Farm as an Ontario source of native sedges. Apologies, as this is located in Burlington, Wisconsin! Southern Ontario sources include:


Goodbye Lawn! - Handouts & links to resources

Our Plants

Seeding a Prairie Bed by Benjamin Vogt

Modular Matrix Design by Benjamin Vogt

Planting a Prairie Tallgrass Ontario

Planting the Seed – A Guide to Establishing Prairie and Meadow Communities in Southern Ontario. Ministry of Public Works and Government Services Canada

6th Edition Native Plant Resource Guide Ontario - Society for Ecological Restoration. 40 pages - Digital PDF copies are available for purchase @ $5 ea.

Naturalized Gardens - Plant a woodland, wetland, meadow or prairie habitat. City of Guelph, Ontario

Ontario Ecozones and Ecoregions

Native Sedgescaping

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