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Beauty and biodiversity.

Who We Are

We are a group of civic-minded MIssissauga residents who love gardening and want to do what we can to help the environment and promote community well-being. We became a not-for-profit  Ontario corporation, a Missisauga community organization, and developed the mission and goals of Blooming Boulevards in early 2019. After a highly successful three-year pilot program, we are now in our second phase: focused on growing our programs and activities to accomplish even more. 


We connect neighbourhoods to nature, providing a network of native habitat gardens and opportunities for inclusive community engagement, education, and collaboration.



Our vision is a city-wide environment that supports well-being for all of its inhabitants - wildlife and natural resources as well a people. We envision a city with a resilient, biodiverse ecosystem that fosters community engagement through meaningful interactions with nature.

Building Connections


We are creating networks of residential boulevard gardens that serve as a corridor for native pollinator population movement, enabling bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to reach each other. 

We propagate the plants we use for the boulevard gardens, using seeds we collect locally. with written permission from landowners, using ethical native seed collection protocols established by Mississauga Parks and Forestry. 


  • To design a cohesive pollinator habitat garden network that connects with the neighbourhood and promotes human and environmental well-being.
  • To involve neighbourhood groups and local residents in planning, installing, maintaining and promoting the gardens.

  • To provide pollinators with linked food and habitat sites year-round to support population growth and species diversity.

  • To conserve resilience of local native plant species by fostering genetic diversity.

  • To expand the garden network by producing quality seed and plant yields from local native species for distribution to the local community.

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