• Wayne Cardinalli

Here comes the queen

Updated: Mar 17

by Wayne Cardinalli

Now that spring is imminent get ready to hear the unmistakable buzz of a queen bumblebee. You’re right if you think she looks like she has something important to do!

A hungry queen bumblebee foraging on Dutchman's breeches (Dicentra cucullaria), an early spring ephemeral (disappears in summer) native to southern Ontario woodlands.

In spring, hungry queen bumblebees emerge from their underground hiding-spots to look for food and search for a nest site. If you see a big bumblebee early in the spring, it is a queen. They need early, spring blooming flowers that provide both pollen and nectar. Native, woodland flowers are especially good choices, as are flowering shrubs and trees. If a bumblebee queen has a poor st