GOOD NEWS! -  Our boulevard gardens help to conserve our native bees and other pollinators by increasing habitat. All of our services - consultation, design, ongoing advice, plants and delivery, regular monitoring of the garden during the first and second years - are free. Our members, volunteers and donors make it happen! 

Want a FREE garden? It's easy as 1-2-3:


What our prospective gardeners need to do:

1. Make sure your membership is up-to-date.

Find the membership form here.


2. Fill out your garden application and return to us. You need to be a Mississauga property owner with an appropriate road allowance site.

3. The City of Mississauga requires a boulevard garden permit. No fee is required for our gardens.

Download the City permit here.


Get ready for your garden!

Site prep: 

  • Locate underground utility lines (as, phone, cable, etc) Contact Ontario One Call - or phone1-800-400-2255.

  • Remove existing vegetation. No new topsoil or soil amendment needed.



  • Select a delivery date. 

  • Plants are delivered for same day planting. Advice on planting & placement given.

  • Please provide a garden trowel, watering can and water.


Care for your new garden


  • You should supply a bag of shredded bark mulch to suppress weeds and retain surface moisture for this growing season.

  • Young plants will need to be watered twice a week for their first 6 weeks, then gradually taper off amount of irrigation. Young plants will need water during drought as well.

  • Pull weed seedlings when they sprout. Perennial weeds can be repeatedly cut off below ground level until they die. 

Through the summer a Blooming Boulevards maintenance crew will check on your garden to make sure it’s doing well.

How wonderful to be able to help our bees and butterflies, and to create beauty too!


Here is what we offer our garden stewards:

Heading 6

2022 Garden Application

To apply for a free garden, please fill out the form and submit.

My proposed site is an area close to the street.
***2021 garden applications are closed***

Applications for 2022 boulevard gardens are now open to our members.