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What we do...

We are creating clusters of residential boulevard gardens as a corridor for native pollinator populations.

We grow plants from locally collected seeds of native sun-loving wildflowers and grasses. They provide much-needed  food and habitat throughout the year for our more than 400 native pollinators species like butterflies, bees, beetles, flies and hummingbirds.


  • Our native garden plants are low maintenance: adapted to tolerate drought, salt and pollution. They soak up runoff and help conserve water.

  • All are deep-rooted perennials, tough and long-lived. Because they spend their first season growing deep roots, most begin to bloom in their second year. 


When you become a member of Blooming Boulevards you may apply for a garden. 


A garden design is provided. We can provide participating garden stewards with enough plants to cover an area of 9 square meters (100 square feet) when mature. Expert monitoring and advice is available for 2 years, until plants are established.

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