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What a difference!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Look how Sheila's boulevard has grown, from its installation in June until now. In its first summer, those native plants have flourished and many are already blooming. Happy bees! Happy butterflies! And happy everyone who walks or drives by and sees its beauty. Sheila says,

"I was somewhat sceptical and apprehensive when I saw the collection of tiny plants that were to make up my boulevard garden on the large expanse of now bare soil. They were initially so fragile that I had to "mist" them rather than water them. A lot of attention was needed the first few weeks as bits of grass and weeds competed with the new native plants. I hadn't realized how tending for this new garden would expand my perspective of my street and neighborhood. Lots of interested passersby would stop for conversation. As the weeks went by the plants grew rapidly. I was thrilled when the first blooms started to appear. The black eyed Susans and butterfly bushes are now a riot of colour. I have definitely noticed the attention it is getting from bees and butterflies. In a short 2 months I am now the steward to a lovely native garden which has brought new life to what used to be a boring stretch of sod."


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