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Pollinator Week 2023 Bioblitz

Pollinator Week takes place this year between June 19 and 25. Pollinator Partnership is doing a week-long bioblitz across North America to record pollinators - including bees, wasps, hoverflies, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds - and their floral resources.

To learn more and to contribute your observations on iNaturalist, go here.

What is a bioblitz?

The premise of a bioblitz is to collect observations of different species in a certain area over a period of time.

Bioblitzes provide a snapshot of biodiversity in that area – providing opportunities to discover new species and document their locations, as well as providing information about ecosystem health and stability.

They’re an important citizen science tool, providing scientists with much-needed local data. They can also increase awareness of conservation and local ecology.

Getting involved in a bioblitz can be rewarding, and open your eyes to the organisms we share this ecosystem with. So grab your phone and head out to the garden to see what you can find!


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