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May, a month of dreams and delights! 

by Jeanne McRight

This event-packed month is always busy for us, but this spring even more so. Why? Because in this National Year of the Garden we decided to do more.

And so we enlisted MORE plant propagators who produced MORE plants for MORE gardens this year than ever before!

  • 28 propagators grew 3,500 plants from seeds gathered by 4 teams of collectors last fall. A proud accomplishment considering that many had never before grown plants from seed.

  • Jeanne grew 3,500 plants, to make a total of 7,000 native babies, all lovingly nurtured with water, fertilizer – and dreams of beauty and biodiversity.

  • We met our target, with over 70 garden stewards, 2 churches and a school provided with plants for new habitat gardens all across the city.

  • Receiving the plants from propagators and distributing the plants to stewards involved a host of dedicated, hard-working helpers: 2 top-notch volunteer managers, 5 plant labelers, a set-up and plant care team and 4 teams of volunteer plant sorters who matched plants to stewards.


We couldn't have done this without you!

Here's a little video with some highlights - enjoy!


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