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The joy of boulevard gardening

Most wildflowers in this residential sidewalk garden are native to Missisauga , Ontario and grown from locally-sourced seeds. The garden provides wildlife habitat and is part of a series of gardens planned to connect larger green spaces and reduce habitat fragmentation within the city. Photo©2021 Jeanne McRight
Blooming Boulevards native pollinator garden

Boulevard gardens are contagious! We now have five along our street, and most are all-native. This one is mine. I've had a garden on the "hell strip" for 12 years, but it began with drought-tolerant non-natives. About 8 years ago I became aware of the vital importance of conserving native plants and slowly began converting my Port Credit garden. At this point it's 99% native - only a few sedum remain. Here in Mississauga the encroachment by-law requires boulevard plants be under a meter in height. So height as well as drought- and salt- tolerance determine the species I use. Except for the odd renegade - that tall one in the back is a magnificent stiff goldenrod that I forgot to "Chelsea chop" in June. It's full of buds. Will it get cut down now? No way!

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