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Meadow Magic has begun!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Out with the grass! Over half a hectare - six thousand square feet - of grassy meadow have disappeared under layers of cardboard, compost and wood chips! For our first Meadow Magic Weekend on June 1 & 2, nearly a hundred volunteers, including Mississauga Ward One Councillor #StephenDasko and students from #BronteCollege, joined Blooming Boulevards and the #SmallArmsSociety to begin a site restoration at the #TRCA-managed #ArsenalLands in south Mississauga's #Lakeview district. We are eradicating existing vegetation using a #notill method, which preserves soil structure and retains a healthy population of soil microorganisms to enhance plant growth. In October we'll re-plant the meadow with a carefully formulated mix of indigenous native grass and forb species (wildflowers) which will improve habitat for southern Ontario's 400 rapidly declining species of #nativepollinators.

Sunshine, camaraderie, sandwiches and lots of fresh air made for a great weekend - and we got the job done - hurrah!

* Meadow Magic 2 - Seeding will happen in late October after the covering materials and underlying vegetation have decomposed. Seeds of locally adapted native perennials need to undergo the natural processes of winter freeze-thaw cycles before they are ready to germinate in the spring. Will keep you posted!


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