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  • Judith Pelley

Capturing the Pageant of Nature

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Thoughts and photos by Judith Pelley

I converted my garden to a native plant garden at the start of the pandemic, a perfect project for lockdown. Unknown to me I already had two native plants in the garden: the evening primrose was present when I bought the home, the pearly everlasting just showed up one day.

Evening Primrose and green sweat bee. Photo © Judith Pelley
Evening primrose and green sweat bee. Photo©Judith Pelley

Besides the beautiful yellow flowers, the evening primrose also provides another visual treat, the visit of a sweat bee. It is thanks to this little bee that I slowed down and actually stopped to see who was visiting the garden.

I have always loved to photograph nature. What a joy it is to have that magic now in my own backyard.

Gallery of Judith Pelley's overwintering native bird photographs.

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Editor's note: Judith Pelley is an outstanding nature photographer and a Blooming Boulevards plant propagator and Garden Steward. This year, she is generously contributing her photographs of native plants and birds for our newsletter, blog, and future publications. I know we will all enjoy her exquisite work.

Thank you, Judith!


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