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It’s winter outside…Let’s go and take some native plant photos!!??

Text and photography by Peeter Poldre.

On a cold, cloudy winter’s day, I ventured out with my Nikon F2.8 105mm macro lens to see what might be interesting. The clouds provided a wonderful soft, even light.

I came across Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) isolated against a background of freshly fallen snow. Macrophotography optimally requires the entire subject to be in the same plane so that most of it would be in focus.

My shutter speed of 1/125 seconds was enough to minimize camera shake. To maximize depth of field, the aperture was set at f/13 and the ISO was adjusted to 1000.

The resulting images directly from the camera had a sepia-like colour. I then edited the images by converting the colour images to black and white.

I personally like the stark contrast and the fine detail of all the images but just cannot decide which I like most, the original or the converted.

What do you think?


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